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12v Portable Power Pack


R.T. Clark’s Juice Line is currently offering two versions of our 12 Volt Portable Power Pack specifically designed for your Seismograph or Portable instruments:
– 12 Volt, 9Ah SLA (sealed lead acid) battery pack
– 12 Volt, 18Ah SLA (sealed lead acid) battery pack

Both Portable Power Packs come standard with external battery posts and 10amp fuse protector. The 18Ah version has two 9Ah SLA batteries wired parallel doubling the capacity to 18Ah and the battery cells are interchangeable.

  • Portable and lightweight vs a 12v car battery
  • Multiple field uses
  • More field power, less setup time

Options available:
– Charger 1.5Ah, 110-240v
– External Battery Power Gauge
– External USB Port
– Custom labeling / Branding

Physical Dimension:
– 12 Volt, 9Ah SLA battery pack: 10.5×7.5×4 inches, 9lbs
– 12 Volt, 18Ah SLA battery pack: 12x10x5 inches, 15lbs