DAQlink 4 Seismograph

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DAQlink 4 is the fourth generation nodal seismograph system. Each DAQlink 4 node can have up to 24 channels. Multiple nodes can easily be added to achieve a 1000+ channel Recording System. It can be configured as a stand-alone monitoring system, a refraction system or a seismic reflection system.

Seismic Source’s proprietary Vscope and SrcSig software provide detailed analysis and storage of the seismic signals. This seismograph utilizes industry standard Ethernet communication allowing easy setup for Wireless or remote autonomous Cell Phone operation.


Cutting-Edge Performance

  • 1 to 24 channels per seismograph node
  • High-Speed 24bit ADC – up to 64,000 sps
  • Extremely Low power~0.13 watts per channel
  • Wide Bandwidth – DC to 20 KHz
  • Low Distortion – 0.000075% THD @ 500 sps
  • Wide Dynamic Range – >124 dB @ 500 sps
  • Low Noise – <0.2 μV RMS @ 500 sps
  • Includes GPS time and location synchronization

Multiple Time Synchronization Modes

  • GPS Clock Discipline for Autonomous Recording
  • VHF/UHF Radio for applications without GPS
  • Wired synchronize multiple DAQlink via cables

Multiple Trigger Modes

  • Time Break or Hammer hits
  • Low level Geophone trigger
  • Continuous Recording using GPS time stamps
  • Continuous with Event Monitoring using LTA/STA algorithm

Multiple Data Storage Methods

  • 16 Gbytes internal memory card standard
  • External USB-storage for real-time file backup and data offloading

Built-in Ethernet Network

  • Compatible with cables, Wi-Fi and Cellular Data
  • Easily Network Multiple DAQlinks for large channel projects

Built-in Acceptance Testing

  • Instrument Tests
  • Sensor Tests