FM-103 2-part Molding Compound

Price: US$ 8.95 / 100 gram pack

100 Gram Pack / Available in Yellow, Orange, Black, Blue

FM-103 is a two component urethane elastomer that is specifically formulated to rapidly mold impact resistant cable splices.  Once cured, FM-103 forms a tough polymer that is  ideally suited for flexible, abrasive resistant parts that must perform in wet environments.  FM-103 has a low viscosity and is easily mixed and poured.

  • Fast and Easy In-field Repair
  • Superior Portability
  • Excellent Adhesion to Cable Jacket
  • Tough and High Durometer
  • Inexpensive to Buy


Along with the FM-103 Molding Compound; we offer various splicing tools to assist in making a cable splice, see the Price List for more details.


MIXING Component A and component B are supplied in pre-measured plastic mixing bags. To mix, remove the plastic separator clip and hand knead components thoroughly (about 1 minute).  Use silicone mold release or Teflon coated molds.
CURING FM-103 is full cure in 24 hours at 72 F° (22 C°). Colder curing temperatures will lengthen cure times.  Warmer temperatures will greatly reduce working and Cure times.
CLEAN UP For clean-up use methyl ethyl ketone (M.E.K.), acetone or mineral spirits
PROPERTIES Hardness                      90 Shore A Cured Tensile Strength           ASTM D 412                         2700 PSI  Elongation                    ASTM D 412                         250 % Tear Strength               ASTM D 624                         320 LB/in.
ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES Dielectric constant            3.1 @ 1000Hz Dissipation Factor            0.03 @ 1000Hz Volume Resistivity            8.7 X 10 ohm-cm


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