8) Unit 3-Channel Smart Monitoring Unit IMU-3C System

Total Price: US$ 37,467.50


8) Unit 3-Channel Smart Monitoring Unit IMU-3C System.  Includes:

  • 8) 3-Channel Smart Monitoring Unit 90800260002-003 IMU-3C (ETH) 64GB GPS DM, 3×Differential ±2.5V Analog Voltage Measurement Ports, 1×Ethernet Communication Interface, External GPS Port, Built-in 64GB Storage, GPS Dual-Mode, WIFI Module, 7~15Vdc Input:  US$ 3,608.75 ea.
  • 8) 3-Component Geophone 90600250102-003 D3C-V5, SOLO 5Hz, Vertical 3 Component, Leveling Nut and Conical Metal Spike, 2.6-meter 3TP-70-310F Cable Leads With 12-8S Connector:  US$ 463.75 ea.
  • 8) Dedicated Adapter Cable 90300140027-002 Sensor cable, 0.5m DLW-3TP-70-310F cable lead with 12-8S plug, divided into three 1m DLW-2-100-250F cable leads with DCK female plugs  US$ 232.50 ea.
  • 2) Magnetic Switch (turn IGU on and off):  US$ 32.50 ea.
  • 8) IMU Network and Electricity Cable 90300140018-001 1-to-2 Splitter Cable, 0.5-meter Multi-core Cable With 14-15S Metal Circular Connector (with Dust Cover), 1.5-meter Network Cable Leads With a Crystal Head and 1.5-meter 2-core Cable Leads With Bare Wire, Strip Wire:  US$ 322.50 ea.
  • 2) IMU Data Download Cable 90300140016-001 Download Cable, 1.36-meter Black Cable Leads With 14-15S Connector (with Dust Cover) at One End, and With USB Type A Plug at Another End:  US$ 191.25 ea.