GPEG-500 :: Seismic Impact Source

Price: US$ 34,600.00


Operations Video: Click Here

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The Gravity Propelled Energy Generator (GPEG) is a heavy-duty multi-function seismic energy source designed for a multitude of applications within the fields of geology, geophysics, civil engineering, and more. GPEG system utilize simple and time proven weight drop system that uses a massive 500kg mass to fall and generate upwards of 180,000lbs of Peak Force and 5,629 Joules of Kinetic Energy.

The GPEG can be mounted on your suitable tractor, front end loader or skid steer. Thereby alleviating the need to have a dedicated piece of equipment for your energy source.

An operator of the GPEG can easily adjust the cycle time from 3 seconds to 6 second so you get the most out of your job in the shortest time.
Efficiency and affordability are the name of the game when preforming one job or 100 jobs. The GPEG fills the gap with high energy, heavy duty construction, low maintenance, quick installation and affordable price.