Sercel Charger & Data Harvester for RAU & WTU

Price: US$ 2,850.00


o Charges & Data Harvests 10 RAU’s or WTU per unit

o Multiple Units can be chained together 

o Extends Efficiency of RAU’s in the Field

The Charger inputs a constant 2amp charge to each RAU or WTU, allowing the internal smart charger to take the necessary amount of current to get your discharged RAU or WTU fully charged. A completely charged RAU or WTU will extend the life of your external battery… The Sercel Charger & Data Harvester will have your crews deploying their RAU or WTU in record time.

Input Voltage & Frequency: 110-120/200-240 VAC 6A/3A, 50/60 Hz, 250 Watts

DC OUTPUT (Nominal voltage & current values) Output Current: 2.0 Amps per channel Output Voltage 12 Volts